I alone cannot change the world,

but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.

-Mother Teresa

Prepare 4 Tomorrow Scholarship

In 2019, Helping Hands and Caring Hearts of America will award (2) $5,000 Prepare 4 Tomorrow scholarships to applicants based on financial need, application presentation, teacher recommendations and GPA. College-bound minority high school seniors who currently reside in the Dallas-Fort Worth or Rochester, NY areas and intend on continuing their education in the fall, as full-time students at an accredited community college or a four-year college, are eligible to apply for the Prepare 4 Tomorrow Scholarship.



Complete the Prepare 4 Tomorrow Scholarship online application, which includes a 500 word essay. Each applicant must also have two teacher recommendation forms submitted, an approved FAFSA as proof of financial need, their high school transcript and a college acceptance letter. All forms have to be received by 11:59pm on Saturday, March 23, 2019 to be eligible. Any applications or accompanying documentation received after this time will not be eligible for the scholarships. All applications missing the required documentation at this time will not be eligible for the scholarships.

The application process for the Prepare 4 Tomorrow Scholarship is now closed.

Thank you to all of our participants!


After an applicant has been awarded the Prepare 4 Tomorrow Scholarship they will be required to perform 40 hours of volunteer services with the Helping Hands and Caring Hearts of America volunteer Teams in the Dallas-Fort Worth and Rochester, NY Communities.



The Prepare 4 Tomorrow scholarship winner will submit their volunteer form and Helping Hands and Caring Hearts of America will send the college of your choice a scholarship of $5,000.00 annually (in two equal installments) for tuition, housing, books and fees. Students must continue to attend classes and maintain no lower than a 2.5 grade-point average (or equivalent).


2019-2020 Rochester Scholarship Recipients

Cierra Young

2019-2020 Rochester Scholarship Recipient

In today’s world, there is a lot of violence which can be prevented. If I could, I would personally set up a Neighborhood Watch or a community patrol this will help reduce the violence here in Rochester.  I am a very caring individual and get discourage at times to see all the violence around us daily. With this community patrol, there are many things that can be monitored such as, checking to see if the street lights are working, curfew for minors, random roadblocks, drug activities, theft, trespassing, and loitering.

Pray Meh

2019-2020 Rochester Scholarship Recipient

If I could, I would like to continue a higher education to further my future career. I am proud of the successes in my education that I have achieved. My parents never got the education they wanted. There was no opportunity for generations to have a dream. At the age of six, being a girl, walking alone to school for approximately 30 minutes was scary. School supplies weren’t free. All I could afford was a composition notebook and a pencil.

2019-2020 Dallas-Forth Worth Scholarship Recipients

Nura Ibrahim

2019-2020 Dallas Fort-Worth Scholarship Recipient

My childhood was filled with terror, poverty, and violence. When the war occurred in Somali, my home country, I had a traumatic experience of witnessing some of my family being killed in cold blood and unkindness with the hand of terrorism. After seeing the chaos getting worse in our city Mogadishu, My father decided to escape and flee to wherever we could find safety. My family and I left everything as we fled our home, in Somalia, to somewhere we have never been before, Ethiopia. We walked for days, eating no food and only drinking water. On this journey, we were vulnerable to the wild animals in the desert, but Our Lord saved us from harm. Finally, we arrived at the refugee camp in Ethiopia where we received a warm welcome from people who provided us our daily necessities. When we came there, the United Nations welcomed us by warmly providing us with urgent aid including our shelter, food, and education.

Sunita Pradhan

2019-2020 Dallas-Fort Worth Scholarship Recipient

If I could, I would create a platform now to help some of the most promising but underserved people in my community. In Dallas, only 25% of Bhutanese refugee students complete high school and move on to attend higher education. They drop out because they don’t understand their assignments or have low scores on STAAR tests. They become discouraged at the time it takes to learn English and feel frustrated by a lack of success. They decide that graduation is not a goal that can be achieved. Working, even for low pay, is more attractive than a cycle of failure.

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